About Sakthi

I have over a decade of experience in SEO and content and paid media marketing. I assist businesses of all sizes and kinds to find its way to success through the online maze.

I can bring a unique perspective to the table and make SEO a part of your marketing foundation, drive more traffic to your websites, and convert more qualified results.

Here are the things with that I can help you,

  1. World-class SEO audits
  2. Search engine ranking (Google, Bing, etc.)
  3. Local business
  4. Lead conversions
  5. Consulting services
  6. Digital marketing advising
  7. Paid media audits

I have realised that SEO is a combination of art and science, and no business is unmarketable. Digital Sakthi is to help you drive more organic traffic in digital marketing and make most of your investments in it.

Our partnership will be simple: You come up with a vision, and I shall provide you with a marketing game plan that can help your business to grow consistently.