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Here is Sakthi, a Multilingual, International SEO Specialist. She expertise in Technical SEO and providing Recommendations for all types and levels of businesses looking for growth.

She is experienced soul in Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Local Business, Social Media, Content marketing Strategies and other such things that are customized to the client requirements to enable them to grow their consistent organic presence on search engines that increase the growth and global reputation of their business.

As an International SEO Specialist, she keeps herself abreast of the latest business trends.

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Yes, if you're not concerned about the growth consistency of your online business.

It helps in various ways. Indexing and keywords on the page are mandatory for dynamic ads. Rich content data makes it eligible for Google automatic ads visibility in GMB.

Search engines like SEO friendly websites. We need to strengthen the understanding between search engines and websites. Technical SEO fulfils the role.

I am an SEO doctor who treats the affected websites and provides you with recovery solutions. It can get well in no time.